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Marxes de Torxes / Torch March

10 10UTC setembre 10UTC 2018 / 20:00 - 23:00

Torch Parade on the eve of September 11


As every year, on the eve of the National Day of Catalonia, a popular night’s march with torches switched on its streets.

This act is a tribute to those who, for more than 300 years, fought to defend the rights of Catalans and, on September 11, 1714, abandoned all European nations and after having resisted more than a year, Exerted from France and Spain, they were forced to capitulate to avoid looting the city.

In the fire of the torches, we see the spirit of freedom that we hold on until the final victory, until the full independence of Catalonia!.

On the night of September 10, throughout the country, this event takes place, which, according to the organizers, must serve as a gesture of popular expression, of denunciation against “everything that attacks against national freedoms and democracy” and of a pro-independence claim, yes, without “partisan manipulation or use”.

El Fossar de les Moreres

This is a very significant space for the history of Catalonia, since in this old cemetery of the church of Santa Maria del Mar the fallen ones were buried during the 11th of September 1714. The demographic pressure caused the disappearance of the Going down, following a process similar to the rest of intramural cemeteries begun at the beginning of the 19th century, when the parochial cemeteries were suppressed. Later, it grew up. In 1983 the city council of the city launched a project to remodel the sector by the architect Carme Fiol. It is customary every year, to make the first floral offerings in the Fossar de las Moreras on the night of the 10th of September ..


There is no traitor buried in the moss. until we lose our flags, it will be the urn of honor “



Parade and itineraries planned

22h Òmnium Cultural has organized a Day of Fighters Day 2018 that will arrive until the Place of the Concord where the initiative will culminate with the reading of the manifesto.

Itinerari:  Sabino Arana, G.V. Carles III, Dolors Masferrer, Pl. Coma, Remei fins la pl. Concòrdia.


20h Assemblea Nacional Catalana has organized a Day of Torch for the Day 2018 that will reach the Gardens of Joaquim Domingo.

Itinerari: Pas Fructuós Gelabert, pl. Bonet i Moixí, Olzinelles, Galileu, Violant d’Hongria, Alcolea, Santa Cecília, Santa Caterina, Violant d’Hongria, Vallespir, Badalona fins als Jardins de Joaquim Domingo.


21h Fossar de les Moreres: Pl Fossar de les Moreres 1 (Ciutat Vella)




Other parades related

Date: 09/07/2018 _21:30h 
By: ÒMNIUM Cultural 
Place: Plaça Major de Vic

The March of Vigatans is a holiday of freedom. Commemorate the events of 1714 and claim the need to recover national freedoms. Under the symbolic image of a great beam of light, it also represents the commitment with the memory of men and women who, anonymously, devoted and dedicated their time to grow the country we want, always better.

“Vigatans” is the name given to the supporters of Carles de Austria-part of them from the Vic Vegueria during the War of the Succession (1705-1714).


Under the motto “March of the Vigatans, the Republic underway” we will revive a year more, the most significant historical events of the Osona region and we will be very present the current political situation. This 16th edition will take place on September 7th at 9:30 p.m. and takes an air of denouncement and rejection of the repressive actions that many Catalans have suffered by the Spanish State. A lack of rights and freedoms that degrade the fundamental pillars of democratic society. Come to the March, follow the light and help us to claim our rights and freedoms!


Itinerary: access torch parade to Plaça Major de Vic it will be done through the 7 streets that arrive there. The towns will enter through the 7 streets emulating, symbolically, the 7 doors that formerly gave entrance to the city of Vic.

The Columns represent each one of the towns of the Osona region that are part of La Marxa. Each column is represented by a criminal or historical character related to each municipality, that arrives walking from its town in the Greater place of Vic.

In this edition, both the Columns and those who go to the act as a spectator will help to make the challenge possible to illuminate the square. For the Columns there will be torches and the rest of the participants will be able to help illuminate the Square with their cell phone.

Reserve your torch


10 10UTC setembre 10UTC 2018
20:00 - 23:00
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