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Official Demonstration Diada in Barcelona Sept 11th

11 11UTC setembre 11UTC 2018 / 17:14 - 18:00

This year’s ‘Diada’ march: a call to implement the Catalan Republic

It is now almost a tradition in Catalonia for a massive pro-independence demonstration to be held on the Diada – Catalonia’s national day, celebrated on 11th September. But this year’s day takes place in an exceptional context: a proclamation of independence, one of the imagined goals of the previous million-strong annual protests held since 2012, has already been made. And moreover, Catalonia now has independence movement leaders who are political prisoners and others who are in exile. Because of this, the organising groups Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and Òmnium Cultural are calling a mass demonstration that will demand the implementation of the Catalan Republic, declared but not made effective on 27th October 2017. The objective is to fill Barcelona’s long Avinguda Diagonal. [source: The Nacional.Cat]


On this occasion, the official T-shirt will be a coral-red – in homage to the shade of the ties used to secure the ballot boxes in the referendum, last October 1st.

The slogan of the march is to be “Let’s Make the Catalan Republic”.


The t-shirt, another regular feature, will this year feature the twin-peaked profile of one of Catalonia’s most distinctive mountains, Pedraforca, which represents, say the organizers, the will to “overcome obstacles, to reach the top and to plant the flag of the Catalan Republic”.


Where can I buy it?

online shops:


You can also buy the shirt in Bonpreu supermarket, or directly in ANC’s spaces.






This Eleventh of September we are facing a transcendental day: now it’s time to do the Catalan Republic. We will fill the Diagonal of Barcelona to recover popular power and empower us to shape the mandate that we voted massively on October 1, 2017. Never before have we been so close to the summit. Only with the strength of the people will we be able to make this last section to conquer, once and for all, independence.

This September 11th, we filled the Diagonal and started to do the Catalan Republic!

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11 11UTC setembre 11UTC 2018
17:14 - 18:00
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